Aug 16, 2013

Think Boutique and letters to fashion

Just as much as we love receiving all kinds of messages and packages, we also love sending them! A while back, we shipped a Dear Fashion parcel to Scotland and it ended up landing on Victoria McQuillan's doormat. Victoria is an ethical fashion enthusiast and founder of Think Boutique, a web shop that "brings together the most exciting and fashion-forward UK ethical brands with a strong focus on stylish, high quality pieces". She aims to keep her business as green and fair as possible and does so by selling products many of which are not only Fair Trade, organic, sustainable or up-cycled, but also proudly made in the UK.

From Think Boutique's collection
We were thrilled to find pictures of our package in Victoria's blog, where she wrote about Dear Fashion with words that couldn't better describe the reason for the journal's existence: "I don’t know about you, but sometimes I feel the focus is often on the doom and gloom when it comes to ethical fashion and I found this [Dear Fashion Journal] a really refreshing approach. Different people from all corners of the globe talking about their personal style and the items that they truly treasure in their wardrobes. As Kate Fletcher says in her prologue: Dear Fashion is an ode to what can be, to creation, expression, caring, much more than consumerism’s ‘have it all’ culture."

Those of you, who might not have their own copy of Dear Fashion Journal yet might not know that we left the last page of the magazine empty, giving space for you to write your personal letter to fashion. Much to our delight, Victoria did so and shared her letter to fashion on her blog:

Dear Fashion...

I think I love you.  Ever since the floral dungarees, colour changing socks, waist coasts and floppy velvet hats of my childhood you have been with me. I know its not always been an easy journey over the faux pas and crisis of confidences in items which are better left behind in the past. But you’ve always been there for me. A way to express myself and an instant pick me up in times of stress and gloom.

Discovering your darker side has shaped my business and my wardrobe and I've looked at you in a different light and learned to love you all over again.  I have learned to slow my pace and really enjoy dressing up (and down) and though sometimes the draw of indulging in feel good items is hard to resist I know at heart your best qualities will always prevail.

Dear Fashion, no matter what happens, lets stay together...

Yours Truly 

Click your way to the full article on Victoria's blog here. 

Have you written a personal letter to fashion...? If yes, please share it with us! If not, then grab a pen and a piece of paper, go sit under a tree and be the Jane Austen of your thoughts (or just type it on your what-ever-pad)!