Feb 13, 2014

"Sometimes good things need to end for better things to begin"

Sad news: After growing from a small idea into Amsterdam's very own clothes swapping event, Krijg De Kleren's story has come to an end. We feel so honoured having met the great people behind the event and getting to be part of their venture. It is always sad to see great things disappear from a city's agenda, but we've no doubt that we will get to hear from the power behind Krijg De Kleren again in the future! Rock on!

However, there are also some good news: Krijg De Kleren's last edition will be held in Amsterdam (SSBA Salon at Leidseplein) this Sunday, the 16th of February. Join in with your clothes and swap your forgotten fashion pieces with other fashionistas! We and our ex-clothes are participating, too, so hope to see you there!

More information on Krijg De Kleren's Facebook page and the event's page.

Feb 12, 2014

Winter wonders

Fashion industry has spoken and the February issues of magazines have splashed pastel colours on their pages - the long mid-winter months are almost over and spring will start to show signs of arrival soon! However, despite the light spirits and baby tones in editorials, majority of us are still wrapped in winter coats and big scarves. Some love it, whilst others loathe it.

Now, if you have less than loving feelings towards the cold period of the year or are utterly fed up with your winter gear, here are a few nice things about winter fashions that can help you survive through a few more months:
Mittens, mittens, mittens!
Mittens keep your fingers warm, but they have other functions, too! Put your public transportation card inside your glove and ‘beeb’ yourself a trip easily without having to fiddle with your wallet. Tired of freezing in front of the door, looking for the keys that have been swallowed by your handbag? Attach a little pouch inside your mittens and keep your keys at hand – literally!

Pocket paradise
Winter wear is every guy’s dream, as most winter coats have plenty of pockets in them. Inside, outside and in well hidden places. You will have more places to put your napkins, lipsticks and combs without overfilling your bag. If you want to make your life really easy, prepare your winter coats by filling their pockets with all your necessities; you will never end up in desperation after having forgotten something! You can also hide candies inside your pockets to be unwrapped in an emergency. 
Note: Unless you want to turn yourself into a walking jar of chocolate spread, avoid melting candies and choose gummy bears instead. 

Don’t have enough pockets…? Make yourself more! 

Be a Matryoshka 
Here’s a different to layering: you know the elaborately painted Russian dolls inside a doll? Although layering is praised mostly for the practicality of keeping you warm, it is also a great way to reveal a sassy mini dress under a casual pullover-jeans combo under an ice skating outfit. Layering lets you do tons of different activities without having to worry about not wearing the right things. Besides, when everyone is wearing layers, someone is bound to feel warm and willing to borrow a scarf to a compadre who is cold.

Hat trick
This one is for those who A) like hats or B) have bad hair days or C) both. Wearing a hat is the easiest way to keep yourself warm (“You lose most heat from your head,” as the association of mothers’ states), but it is also a great way to spice up your outfit or help yourself worry less about what the wind will do to your hair. Winter is an ideal time to save a severe case of hair catastrophe with headwear, as people are going to be less likely to start wondering why you are wearing a hat indoors – trust me, it’s experience speaking here!

Everyday oddities
Babies with fuzzy hats. Toe socks. Dogs in sweaters. Onesies for adults. Do we need to say more?

Pssst...! We have dedicated an entire column to woollen socks and winter wonders. You can read it on the blog of Oh Marie magazine here.