Sep 28, 2013

Dear Fashion joins forces with Oh Marie!

Dear readers, friends and cyberspace surfers,

It's time for a newsflash: we are happy to announce that Dear Fashion Journal has found a bilingual Dutch-English friend (would 'soulmate' sound too sentimental...?), an indie magazine called Oh Marie! Oh Marie! is an online publication created by Marloes Snijder, a blogger and all-round creative with an incredibly sweet sense for style. Being all about the love of treasure hunting and creative exploration, Oh Marie! shares our passion to explore and develop one’s own creativity and style in whimsical spirits. And that, dear friends, is where the two magazines come together!

Our editor-in-chief, Emmi, has joined forces with Oh Marie! and become the lucky new member of their team! She kicked the collaboration off with an article called "Fantastic Fashion", published in the brand new issue that came out fresh from the oven just today! Click here to jump to Oh Marie's Circus issue to read it! (page 16)

Next to keeping Dear Fashion up and running, Emmi will be contributing to Oh Marie's blog, adding fashion to their mix of photography, art and design with a column exploring personal style and wardrobe matters. To make sure all you fashionistas can easily find the right place to read more stories written in the true 'Dear Fashion style', we will notify you on this blog, Facebook and Twitter and share links to the articles when they appear!

Until then, enjoy your weekend and the scarf favouring weather! Sayonara!