Oct 31, 2012

Houston, we have a barcode!

Today we got something for the back cover of Dear Fashion Journal - a small barcode for mankind, a giant leap for a magazine. :)

Oct 21, 2012

Q&A with Joanna Gniady

In the series of introducing the contributors of Dear Fashion Journal, we now present to you Joanna, a Polish illustrator. She loves dandies and decadent moods, and with the help of her scissors she makes collages so beautiful that her last name might well be Scissorhands.
1. Name: Joanna Gniady

2. Age: 31

3. Please fill in: I am a _____because_____.
I am an illustrator because there are many wonderful things to draw.

4. What would be the name of your autobiography?
“Coffee, glitter and magenta”

5. What was the latest thing that inspired you?
Edward Hopper’s exhibition in Madrid.

6. Your biggest fashion fetish?
Polka dots. And shoes. No idea why.

7. What is your first fashion memory?
Wearing a dress and tracksuit trousers at the same time. I dressed like that to the kindergarten and believed that that was the coolest outfit in the world.

8. What have you learned recently?
The word “albaricoque”. The most tasty Spanish word, I think.

9. What are you known for amongst friends?
I make red lipstick prints on their cheeks when we are kissing hello/goodbye. They always shout at me.

10. What is the most important thing to have around you when working?
A cup of coffee.

+1: Which piece of your own work do you like the most?
I’ve chosen the picture called “The Wisdom Tooth”. It’s a part of the set “Queens of Disaster”.

Joanna's website:

Oct 16, 2012

Final Countdown

If I had an ukulele band, we would rock this day by playing Europe's legendary "Final Countdown" to you. Unfortunately, I don't have a band or any ukuleles, so I'll let these guys take care of the musical part:

Moselele - The Final Countdown by Noys R Us

These tunes are to say that most of the pages of Dear Fashion Journal have now flown over to Suzanna Knight, a brilliant illustrator and spelling geek who cooks awesome casseroles and is Dear Fashion's proof editor. Whilst the misspellings are getting corrected, I am finishing up the journal's masthead and list of contents. Guess this is literally our final countdown before proceeding to test printing and the complexities of indie publishing, so hurray and high fives to that with some old snapshots from behind the scenes!

Left: Illustrations in progress
Center:  From an accessory photo shoot where the whole team from photographer Rein Janssen to stylist Olga Vokalova had to stand on a table.
Right: First design boot camp with Sarah Meers