Nov 27, 2014

LENA The Fashion Library

The fairy godmother of fashion must have heard us talking about fashion libraries in Sweden and Finland, wishing there was something similar a bit closer to our home in the Netherlands, because - believe it or not - our wishes have come true! Let us introduce to you LENA The Fashion Library, founded by a creative team of three sisters and their friend, all of whom are passionate about fashion, vintage and sustainability.

LENA has just opened its doors in the heart of Amsterdam, just around the corner from Noordermarkt. Filled with hand-picked vintage pieces in all the colours of the rainbow and items from brands such as Filippa K, the library is truly a heaven for anyone who'd like to play with their wardrobe without going bankrupt. What we also really like about LENA is their "try before you buy" policy. The policy allows you to borrow an item you fall in love with, and keep it in your closet for a while before deciding whether you would really like to own it. If it turns out your crush was just a fling and you don't really have use for the item, you can just return it back to the library. However, if you believe in a long term relationship between you two, you can easily purchase the item from LENA with a reduced price. Speaking of awesome ways to minimise mis-buys, eh?

Next to borrowing clothes with monthly subscriptions varying from € 19,95 to € 49,95, LENA also sells a number of fashion-oriented publications that fit the library's sustainable ideals. Amongst others, you can leaf through books such as Marieke Eyskoot's Talking Dress (in Dutch), our little sister Dear Fashion Diary…and yes, and there's a stack of Dear Fashion Journals, too!

You can find more information about the library at, or if your Dutch skills aren't enough to translate everything, just stop by at the library to find out more!

Images by LENA The Fashion Library