Dear Fashion is a timeless independent fashion journal that doesn't hype the hottest, hippest or (add any superlative here) trends, but instead parades fashion outside consumption with good wit and hands-on attitude. Inspired by a group of fashionistas who spent a year without shopping, the journal sticks its nose into the relationships between people and clothes, explores new ways of being creative and digs through the closets of modern dandies to reveal what style really is. It is a magazine meant for those whose love of fashion goes beyond the catwalk and who are ready to (re)discover creativity within their own wardrobes.

Dear Fashion is an initiative of Emmi Ojala, a freelance illustrator, editor and fashion enthusiast. The magazine has been produced in collaboration with The Free Fashion Challenge, a sustainable fashion project that challenges people to explore their creativity within fashion by not shopping for a year.

English | 86 pages | full colour | ad-free | ISBN 9789063693107
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