Apr 10, 2013

The greatest of the great fashion tips

As mentioned before, last weekend we got to be part of a clothes swapping event called Krijg de Kleren. We spent the days before the occasion cutting, pasting, gluing and tinkering, making accessories for what was going to become Dear Fashion Journal's tip writing corner. Yes, we were on a mission - a mission to fill the wall next to our spot at the event with the greatest fashion tips from the fashionistas of Amsterdam. Here is our tip writing and reading corner and a glimpse of the Great Wall of Tips!

We promised to award one of the submitted tips with a surprise package filled with goodness from Krijg de Kleren, Essyello Jewellery and us! To select the winner, our critical jury put their heads together to make selection of the greatest tips that the fashion lovers of Amsterdam pasted on our wall. Here are our favourites:

Left: Let your new jeans soak overnight in water-vinegar mixture to keep their colour nice for longer!
Right: Soak your new stockings in warm water before wearing to make them last longer!
Right: Don't trust stores that call themselves "trendy" - trendy was cool in 1950.

Buy good (bio) basics and complement them with vintage and swapped clothes!
Right: Yellow stains under your armpits? Using baby powder and then deodorant will prevent stickiness and therefore also yellow stains! You can also soak your clothes in vinegar to get rid of yellow stains.
Right: You know a colour doesn't suit you when it only brings out the bags under your eyes!
Left: Use transparent nail polish to protect the colours on your jewellery from fading.

And the tip that put a big smile on our faces and will receive a surprise give-away is...
(insert drums of excitement here):

Don't bother matching your bra & panties - your cat won't notice.

 Congrats - we'll get in touch with you via email!

Afternote: In addition to many handy tips for preserving the colour of your jeans and making your stockings last longer, we also found some interestingly opinionated views on fashion on our wall. Apparently, the Dutchies aren't very big fans of their national shoe, Crocs. Some of them would also advice people to avoid wearing beanies, Uggs and leggins (as pants). However, we are not Trinnies and Suzannahs and won't tell tell you what not to wear. Instead, we will end with this tip:


  1. LOVE all these tips this is so great!!! looks like you had so much fun :D

    1. True that, it was great fun! So glad that there are quite of few of these kind of events (at least in the Netherlands) these days, there's so much excitement in clothes swapping...might have snapped up a few for myself as well. ;)
      - Emmi