Nov 2, 2013

Column: Dear holes

Are you a lazy fixer of loose buttons and holes on your clothes? No worries, for you are not the only one! Read the first "Dear..."-column of Emmi, our editor-in-chief, on Oh Marie! magazine, get a doze of Martha Stewart's DIY energy and grab that needle! 

Dear holes,

When it comes to fashion, I tend to stick to the safe side. I have made enough mistakes  to have learned what I like and what looks good on me (although these two don’t always go hand in hand). I say no to white jeans, to leggings and beige colours and welcome anything that is cozy, girly, dark blue or bronze with open arms! I can spend one honeymoon after another with my favourite outfits, wearing the same things in rotation for weeks until something forces me to change the routine. You know, having to do the laundry, dress according to what the weatherman says or change just for the sake of it, to prove yourself that the clothes aren’t glued on you. However, recently I have changed my personal dress code because of something else. Something very, very small that somehow ended up being an annoyingly big deal; a hole in my favourite cardigan! Combined with my utter laziness, that tiny rip has suddenly become the biggest factor in my daily choice of outfits. I don’t let trends dictate what I wear - I let holes do it instead! the rest here (in Dutch or English): Dear holes - Oh Marie!

PS. Already noticed that tab called "Free downloads" on top of the page...? Well, that's exactly what it is: a page for you to download stuff without any cost! Click the link and get a free illustrated darning guide for dummies, print it out, share it or send it to someone who needs a subtle hint!

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