Aug 16, 2012

Dear world,

Today is the day when we are officially introducing you the official website and blog of Dear Fashion Journal. Most likely this is also the first and the last time we are ever going to use the word official, for we like keeping things casual.

Dear Fashion is a printed matter about personal stories, creativity and - as you probably already guessed - fashion. However, we don't hype the hottest, hippest or (add any superlative here) collections, but rather parade fashion outside consumption. We stick our noses into the relationships between people and clothes, explore new ways of being creative and dig through the closets of modern dandies to reveal what style really is.

This blog is about the bits and pieces we run into whilst making the journal ready for printing. It's about inspiration and updates, how are wes and how are yous.

PS. If you fancy immediate updates, keep an eye on our chirps on twitter and posts on facebook!

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