Aug 30, 2012

Good morning from the depths of cyberspace

Yesterday, Dear Fashion got featured on a ecologically oriented trend & design blog (check it out here!). After being excited and jumping around for a while, we started browsing through the other topics Sara Francisca Lisot, the writer of the blog, had stored in her archives.

It's probably not surprising what happened then: we clicked a link here and another there, opened new tabs and all of a sudden we were lost in the depths of cyberspace. But as you know, it's one heck of an inspiring place to be lost in, and so it was this time: we ended up running into {R}evolution Apparel, a fashion venture by two girls who traveled around the world to see what buying in America was doing for the rest of the Earth. They are now working on their own brand that is about sustainable design and local production, but we won't go too much into detail with that (if you fancy reading more about them, you can click here). However, what we would like to share is a video clip from their blog, where they talk to people on the streets asking what sustainable fashion means to them. Many thoughts there that made us nod in agreement (and a few that made us chuckle)!

So, thanks for the feature and also for indirectly and digitally introducing us to {R}evolution Apparel and this clip, Sara!

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