Jan 17, 2013

Golden Rules of Fashion by Jacq

Jacq is a 36-year-old lady with a 100% no-nonsense approach to fashion. She writes a blog called Another Frock - A Style Blog for Normal People with such a smart attitude that we could have jumped for joy when she promised to share her golden rules of fashion with us. Here is her list with four golden fashion rules for normal people:

Although I sometimes feel like I might be a bit too old to be a dedicated follower of fashion, there’s no denying that I still take a keen interest in what I choose to wear. After 20 years of keen observation, here’s what I have learned.

1. It’s not what you wear; it’s how you wear it.
In the late 1980s I was a teenager and the original supermodels ruled the fashion world. Linda, Christy, Naomi and Cindy walked with their shoulders back and their heads up, confidently taking on anything before them. As a tall, gawky, skinny girl, these women showed me how to look like you’re invincible, even if you’re daunted by your surroundings. I also learned that you can take pride in yourself and your appearance, even if you’re wearing a school uniform or a grotty pair of jeans. It’s all about the attitude. This golden rule has won me boyfriends, wolf-whistles and great jobs. If you look confident in what you wear, everybody will think that you look pretty good.

2. There is nothing new under the sun; 
save the clothing that you really love. 
I know that the fashion industry would prefer us to believe that we should clear out and replenish our wardrobes on an annual basis, but take a look at fashion trends over the past two decades and beyond: everything has been done before. The moral of the story is to buy clothes of decent quality, keep them if you still love them (and they still fit you), and just find some way of storing them. In our last house we had a loft, which gave me a lot of room to stow stuff, but you could do just as well with one or two of those plastic under-bed storage crates. You’ll be amazed at how lovely it can be to unearth a long-loved garment and weave it into a new outfit.

3. Know what suits you and dress accordingly.
Fashion is great fun, but the surest route to ‘fashion victim’ is to wear stuff that really doesn’t suit you. When you’re young, try out every new look – but do your best to narrow down your ‘look’ as you go. You can then cherry-pick from each new season’s fashion options. I invest heavily when the stars align and full-skirted 1950s outfits abound, but go into shopping hibernation when a 1970s revival hits.

4. Own at least one fantastic handbag.
Be smart and save up for it, or ask for it as a present to mark a special occasion. My husband bought me a lovely, simple black Gucci bag just after our wedding, nearly 14 years ago, and I use it nearly every day – it’s looking a bit battered now, but I like it even more in its distressed state. And I bought myself a Mulberry Bayswater a couple of years ago, and it elevates every outfit. Invest in classic accessories like this and you’ll be leaving them to your (very grateful) daughter one day.

Written by Jacq. For more, read her Style Blog For Normal People here: anotherfrock.wordpress.com

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