Mar 11, 2013

Photo shoot: Where The Sun Is

Last week brought us a glimpse of sunshine, showing that soon it'll be the time to take off our coats, tuck them back to the attic and pull out the pastel coloured pants and light cotton shirts (or at least think of doing so)! To kick off the official beginning of the spring, we are showcasing a photo shoot called "Where The Sun Is". Photographed by a young Dutch photographer Jentie Youna Jelles, the shoot features beach fashion designed by Eline van Zwol, the make-up artist of the shoot. To create the pieces, she worked with fabrics found in the closet of her mother, herself and the photographer, giving the materials a second life and a 'high fashion' look.

If you are already hungry for a fresh pair of bikini, you better check out these photos for inspiration and consider cutting up your lace curtains or table cloths to pimp out your beach look!

Photographer: Jentie Youna Jelles
Model: Jessica van Den Berg
Make-up artist & clothing designer: Eline van Zwol

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