Mar 19, 2013


No matter how long the winter or freezing the spring, the new trends are already taking us to the warmer seasons. We decided to do a bit trendspotting to show how to rock some of the hippest and the hottest items in a wallet and planet friendly way. Let's get trendy (not spendy) with tutorials from some of the most inspiring DIY fashion bloggers!

Polkadot bottoms

DIY instructions for polkadotting your own pair of jeans here: A Merry Mishap
Photo by Jennifer Hagler

Lace details and cut-outs

DIY instructions for embellishing your sweaters and shirts here: Trash to Couture
Photo by Laura Zpifer

Funky Accessories

DIY instructions for pearl glasses: a Pair & a Spare
Photo by Geneva Vanderzeil
DIY instructions for a multilayer necklace: Stripes & Sequins
Photo by Grace Atwood

DIY instructions for a geometric necklace: Sincerely Kinsey
Photo by Kinsey Mhire


  1. i am SO ECSTATIC to find this blog.....i have been trying to find like minded fashion-istas for 200+ days since i started my blog and discovered the slow fashion movement. way obsessed keep up the amazing things you are doing!
    the year of slow fashion // slow your style

    1. So glad to hear that, Rachel! Guess we aren't that rare after all! :)
      Best of luck with your slower life, you seem to be doing really well. Will definitely stick to reading about it!

      PS. Love your colourful blazers!

    2. thank you so much!!!!! :D blazers are my biggest DOWNFALL in the 'slow fashion' world. i HOARDE THEM....i admit it :) (i think thats the first step right?) i look forward to seeing more of what dear fashion does and am going to be buying the print tomorrow when i get paiiddd :D