Sep 25, 2012

In Case of Cravings, Part 1.

Going to a party without a brand new outfit might feel like tap water on a bubbly occasion -unsatisfying. Whilst working on the Dear Fashion Journal, we threw some pasta on the wall of master plans to find easy fixes to ease your cravings for the new and shiny. First in the series:

How to defeat garderobe boredom

We often chase the carrots we can’t have: grass seems greener on the other side, and new clothes lose their luster quicker than a vegetable rots. However gloomy this may sound, there is an easy solution that will take you from fashion devastation into elation: borrowing, lending, renting and exchanging! 

Libraries aren’t only for books and swotting, but also for clothes and swapping. There are stores specialized in hiring out designer bags, vintage dresses and everything in between: worn today and gone tomorrow, borrowing these fashion treasures can be easier on you wallet than any ownership. 

Fashion libraries:
Rumours tell that there might be a fashion library in Amsterdam soon, too.

The wardrobes of friends, siblings or anyone in your social circle might also contain an impressive array of exciting pieces. Organizing a swapping party or inviting someone on a private exchange date is not only fun but can also bring something new and refreshing into your closet. In the most urgent outfit crises, sneaking to the wardrobe of your better half might also be an optionespecially if you have the guts to pull off boyfriend-girlfriend doppelgängerness.

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